Congratulations to all who participated this year!!
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Keep Handshakes From Shakedowns (West Texas High)

4th Place Winner

Covid Relief Security with BBB (Tascosa High School)

2nd Place Winner

I’m Hungry (Tascosa High School)

5th Place Winner

Customers First (Palo Duro High)

3rd Place Winner

Weather the Storm (West Texas High)

About The Student Video Contest

The Student Video Contest is an interactive competition among high school students from the Texas panhandle area. Students have 4 weeks to create, post and market their video.

It is a great opportunity for students interested in video production or advertising to promote their work and get feedback from industry professionals.

Students get real world experience in marketing and production while creating their video based on themes provided by BBB. The top five teams get the opportunity to present in front of the judges.

The BBB of Amarillo is a non-profit organization which serves the twenty six counties of the Texas panhandle. Our mission is to promote trust in the marketplace. With this BBB Video Contest, we want to raise awareness among high school students about BBB’s free services to the public.

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