The 2019-2020 contest has ended. Thank you for participating. We will be announcing the winners at our Torch Award Ceremony on January 24th.

Congratulations 2019 Winners!

1st Place: “Charlie’s Chicken” by RougherTV at Muskogee High School

2nd Place: “Don’t Forget BBB” by Lawn Care at Thoreau Demonstration Academy

3rd Place: “Good Cow, Good Business” by Moo at Thoreau Demonstration Academy

Last Year’s Most Loved Videos

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About The Student Video Contest

We’re excited to have your school aboard! The Student Video Contest is an interactive competition among high school students from the Tulsa area. Your students will have 4 weeks to create, post and market their video.

It is a great opportunity for students interested in video production or advertising to promote their work and get feedback from industry professionals.

BBB Serving Eastern Oklahoma is a non-profit organization and our mission is to promote trust in the marketplace. With this Student Video Contest, we want to raise awareness among high school students about BBB’s free services to the public.

We have great prizes for the winning teams and schools. We hope you will enjoy the competition and (re)discover BBB through your students’ videos!


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