Get Started

  1. Form your team (1 to 4 students per team).

  2. Registration begins on September 15, 2019. Register your team at the Registration Page no later than October 15th, 2019. Each team member will need to accept the Terms of Service and provide a signed Parental Consent Form (form provided to each school by BBB).

  3. Videos must be created and uploaded on the contest website by November 1st, 2019.

Project Description

The BBB Student Video Contest is an interactive contest designed to engage young people and encourage the creation of high-quality user-generated video content.

Students will use creation and promotion skills, have the opportunity to interact with local PR and advertising professionals, and have the chance to win cash prizes for their school and team.


How does the contest work?

Teams or individual students from select schools, compete based on quality of video production, delivery of the theme and key messages, and successful promotion and marketing of the videos.

Submitted videos will be judged based on students’ ability to follow the contest guidelines and market their videos to get maximum votes.

The videos will be scored by BBB and a panel of judges.

Finalists will have the opportunity to present their work to a panel of judges (PR and advertising executives).

Below is a detailed description of the contest guidelines and structure.



October 1st, 2019

  • Contest begins

November 1st, 2019 @11:59 p.m.

  • Video submissions are due

November 5th, 2019

  • All approved videos are live on
  • Online voting begins

November 19th, 2019 @ 11:59 p.m.

  • Online voting ends

December 2019

  • BBB announces winners.



Videos featured on our Facebook page and BBB Video Contest Website

Winning Team:

  • $2,000 donation of equipment for the school/program
  • $500 cash/gift cards to students in group
  • Individual certificates

Second Place

  • $1,000 donation of equipment for the school/program
  • $250 cash/gift cards to students in group
  • Individual certificates

Third Place

  • $250 donation of equipment for the school/program
  • Individual certificates




  • Production Quality: 30%
  • Creativity of Message: 20%
  • Marketing / Votes: 20%
  • Representation of BBB’s chosen service and Theme: 30%